What if you were Prime minister? 

Today we have been learning more about The General Election and have read different parties manifestos. 
But what if you could make your manifesto with your own policies and pledges? Look at the sets of pledges below to compile your own manifesto…






Law and order





Have a lovely weekend, 
Miss McCluskey


Howard Carter Research

Good morning,

Just to let you know what the children’s homework for the weekend… 

Children are to research about Howard Carter discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb by using the following websites listed below. 

Archaeology for kids- Howard Carter and King Tut’s tomb

Primary facts- Howard Carter: facts and information 

Ducksters- History for kids: Ancient Egyptian history King Tut’s tomb. 
Have a lovely weekend
Miss Alston

Ancient Egypt 

This week’s homework is to research Ancient Egypt. 

Children can investigate who they were, where they lived, when the civilisation existed and what they developed and believed in… 

Or any further information they would like to discover… 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss McCluskey 

Sequel to the clocktower

This week in school, children have written a prequel to the short video clip- The Clocktower. 

For homework please can pupils write a sequel to the video to explain how the perpetual dancer is released from her spell. Video is on YouTube if needed.

Please try to remember to make your writing of a high standard including: fronted adverbials, description and speech. Year 3 and 5 will also be looking at these… 

Homework is due in for the first day back after the Easter hols. 

Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss McCluskey 


This week has been world book day and as a part of that we have been learning about fair trade and have had a visit from Don Conlon, published author. 

He discussed with us various poems he has written and the children greatly enjoyed his presentation. 

Please, for homework, can children write a poem based on Dom’s poem ‘New Gold’, changing  the second lines of each verse to things they would like aliens to know about our earth… 

Dom will then look at these and give feedback. 

Here is his poem: 

New Gold

In 1977 two spacecraft were launched on an endless mission into the cosmos. They each carried a gold disc upon which was stored information about Earth in the hope that should any alien life see it they would know they are not alone. This poem imagines a new disc being created. A disc for us.
Our message is not written

in gold to be collected by aliens
It is written

in autumn leaves for children to scatter
Our message is not written

in gold to die in the cosmos
It is written

in honey for bees to be born
Our message is not written

in gold to be fought over by men
It is written

in daffodils for friends to make peace
Our message is not written

in gold to be seen by nobody
It is written

in the vocal chords for everyone to hear
Our message is not written

in gold to be aimed at by asteroids
It is written

in sand for the oceans to reach
Our message is not written

in gold to be lost in space
It is written

in candlelight for the lost to be found
Our message is not written

in gold to be forgotten by history
It is written

in rings to be remembered
Our message is not written

in gold to be swallowed by infinity
It is written

in summer rain for the thirsty to drink
Our message is not written

in gold for spaceships to carry
It is written

in the sunrise for life
for life
for life
for life

to carry on

Book review… 

Please leave below a review of one of your favourite books. 

Please leave information such as: title, author, age recommended for, summary and star rating. 

Children can then explore a range of books that are appropriate for their age by reading the reviews of their peers. 


Miss McCluskey 

Our trip to Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, Cheshire 

On Wednesday 23rd of November, Year 4 visited Quarry Bank Mill. They were learning about Victorians, child labour and the industrial revolution. 

Please can children record a letter below to the staff at Quarry Bank stating the following information- 

Dear the education team at Quarry Bank Mill, 

Para 1- I am writing to you because (I really enjoyed my visit to Quarry Bank mill…) 

Para 2- Include ideas about what you enjoyed about the day. 

Para 3- include facts about what you have learned whilst you were there 

Para 4- conclusion (look forward to returning again soon) 

Yours sincerely, 

Also, please can children also record a message of feedback on another child’s blog as the blog is supposed to be used for children to engage with one another’s writing. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss McCluskey